I would just like to pass on my thanks and appreciation for you and your lovely team at Carestaff Healthcare Solutions.

I have been on the gold coast for 7 weeks now, I am actually at the airport now heading home to pack up my things so I can stay as long as I like on the gold coast. The people and the place has sure won me over.

My experiences thus far with the agency have been beyond impressive. No comparison to the agency in used to work for back home.

You are treated with respect, consideration and care. Obviously it’s all in the name ‘Carestaff’!

The friendly voices at various hours, the caring emails I receive and the general respect I have received from various workplaces has been really comforting for me.

I have also had some great experiences whilst working my shifts on the gold coast so far. Fitting well into the different teams, especially working in ED at gold Southport has been a lot of fun!!

Well keep up the good work, with thanks


I have been employed by Carestaff Healthcare Solutions for well over 10 years as a Registered Nurse (Specialist) working predominantly in the Critical Care units (Cath Lab / ICU / CCU / Theatre / A&E) on the Gold Coast and Brisbane.

Carestaff have always dealt with me in a professional and caring manner and have always been able to accommodate my choice of working times and destinations. https://www.viagrasansordonnancefr.com/ Through their quality management approach to health care personnel, they are able to foster the feeling of “Family” amongst all their staff which is reflected in continuing loyalty to the company by its employees for over 10 years.

Carestaff are able to provide access to continual professional development and education in the form of E learning packages and pertinent short courses offered by their registered educator. They also offer counseling support through their registered Counselor who bulk bills care staff employees. No other agency I know of offer such fantastic comprehensive support.

Carestaff continues to develop new areas of work opportunities by partnering health care facilities in emerging health care markets, for example their own “Hospital in the Home” division and provision of staff to Home Health Link for their hospital avoidance scheme in Queensland public hospitals. Carestaff are true innovators in healthcare and continue to research trends and meet reguly with industry to discuss the impact of these trends and possible solutions to any adverse outcomes.

I find all office staff to be very accessible, from the allocation girls to the CNC up to the company directors. Love their office hours which are 5 am to 11pm 7 days a week, their weekly pay system (with emailed pay slips) and their regular newsletter which keeps us informed on issues such as changes in occupational health & safety / law / QNC updates etc etc.

Most important of all is that they are a locally owned and operated family company that inject profits back into their staff and support systems as well as local business, compared to the bigger corporates that send any profits off shore. They certainly are the premier nursing agency on the Gold Coast and now that they have opened an office in Brisbane I expect them to replicate the same business model which has led to their current success.

Kind Regards

Tony Shooter, RN

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