Casey Kennedy

Role: Allocating budget resources, formulating policies, coordinating business operations, monitoring and motivating staff, managing operational costs, ensuring good customer service, improving administration processes, hiring employees, identifying business opportunities and monitoring financial activities. Maintaining relationships with clients, increasing staff productivity improving service and meeting business objectives.

Experience: Casey has 18 years of administration and management experience; including 15 years with Carestaff working through all facets of the business, as Operations Manager. With a background with Qld Education and international stop gaps, her greatest achievement is leading Carestaff currently and enhancing organisational improvements. With has a comprehensive understanding of customer service, office management and technology. Casey was responsible for the initial design and upgrades to our allocations program, the development and implementation of office procedures, including quality assurance. Her focus is operational KPI management, shift fulfilment response guarantee, Quality Assurance ISO 9001:2008 Compliance, new process implementation and management of non-clinical issues.

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