Thank you for your recent application to join Carestaff Nursing Services.

We have been unsucsessful in reaching one of your references or they have not been suitable. To continue to process your application, a new clinical reference must be provided.

Please provide a referee below who is the same designation as the one we are unable to use.


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  • Carestaff nurses come from varied backgrounds and disciplines.  They are willing and capable to supply on demand.  We have found the presentation and quality of nurses from Carestaff to be of the highest standard- Lorelle Hughes

    Care Manager, Melody Park
  • It is not very often at all that administration staff of any business receive accolades.  Thank you accommodating our request at very short notice to provide us with an RN this morning.  And what an RN – exceptional. As to the office staff,  your nurse mentioned to me that she loves working with Carestaff and said the girls at West Burleigh...

    Facility Manager, Nerang Nursing Centre
  • Carestaff Nursing Services has always been my choice of Agency. We have called upon them when we experience unexpected staffing shortfalls, or require holiday relief and at all times their nurses have been skilled, able to fit in easily with existing staff and provide a continuity of service essential in Aged Care- Philippa McRae

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