Refer a Nurse

Are you currently a Carestaff Nurse?

Do you know a Registered or Enrolled Nurse ready to work for Carestaff?

If yes, you are eligible to register for our brand new Referral Program*

Step 1: Register as the referrer. We will make contact to provide you with the business cards you are encouraged to pass onto your RN/EN friends and colleagues.

Step 2: The person you referred will contact us and provide your full name. (The referred nurse must be new to Carestaff).

Step 3: Once the person you referred completes 160 hours within 6 months, you will both be rewarded with a $100 voucher.

The more nurses you refer, the more rewards you will receive.

To register as a referrer, simply e-mail


Happy Referring!


*This promotion and all referrals are effective from 25/02/2015.

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